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A consequence of felling a tree is the stump it leaves behind. The stump of a tree is the part of the tree where the roots connect with the trunk. An untended stump can pose serious safety concerns, and impede optimum utilization of your property. It may also serve as a nest for insects, this is why stumps need to be removed.

Ideally, the stump removal process should commence immediately after felling, especially where it is a large tree. Different methods may be used in stump removal, depending on the size of the stump. Where the stump is small, it can be removed manually but where it is big, removal requires more than muscle. Small stumps are easier to remove when they are somewhat dry, but bigger stumps require chemical removal. Our company has both the manpower and expertise required to remove your stump, no matter how old or how intricately woven its roots are. There’s no need to be fazed about the size of your stump, our experts are adequately equipped to handle it. We will advise you on the best option after assessing the stump to determine its size, age, and the best approach for removal.

If you’re doubtful about whether or not your stump problem should be taken care of, here’s why you should:

  • A tree doesn’t die when it is felled, and its root network is still active and could interfere with underground utilities.
  • An unattended stump is the perfect host for insects and other pests which could spread to other plants and affect their health.
  • A stump doesn’t look good and will diminish the aesthetics of your landscape. It can even go as far as diminishing the value of a property you’re trying to sell.
  • Stumps are usually problematic during mowing and they may seriously impede your ability to plant new trees, or put that spot to some other use.

Stump removal, unfortunately, may leave a gaping hole in your property which will require filling. You may choose to plant something else in that spot or simply have it filled. Removal is the best choice where you want a clean slate to replant or build. Stump removal of any scale is labor and time-intensive. At our company, we have sufficient manpower, expertise, and dedication to punctuality. Contact us today for an assessment and an estimate. We’ll be happy to rid you of your stump problem.

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